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I first contacted Pupparazzi Dog Training as their ongoing dog school appealed to me as I wasn’t able to commit to one of those “12 week set courses”. After Keeley came over for our introductory lesson I was hooked! I thought my newly adopted Shar Pei was either not that bright or always very distracted. But after 10 minutes with Keeley he was THE MOST attentive dog, listening and following my every command.

Since that first visit we have learnt so many new skills and our bond is so much stronger. I also love the social aspect of the classes as Keeley teaches how to properly introduce dogs to each other, which has helped build Winston’s confidence with other dogs. 

I would highly recommend Pupparazzi Dog Training to anyone with a new puppy, a newly adopted shelter dog or mis-behaving naughty. Keeley’s passion for her work and her extensive knowledge means I wouldn’t take Winston anywhere else. So glad we found her.
– Tenelle with Winston

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I adopted a dog from a shelter and found she had not been trained. She wouldn’t walk with me without dragging me down the street, she barks at anything and anyone, doesn’t come when called, chews stuff out of frustration because I’m nervous about walking her.

Today was Charlee’s second lesson with Keeley from Pupparazzi and I can’t believe I’m looking at the same dog. I’m looking forward to our next couple of lessons because I can see what a great dog Charlee will become. Thank you so much Keeley, I couldn’t do this on my own.
– Elena with Charlee


Keeley has helped us so much with our boy Roux! Her experience and dedication was clear when we saw her working with Roux. Definitely the best trainer we have come across!
– Dana with Roux

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Keeley really knows dogs! If you can’t walk your dog due to pulling or aggression/reactive behaviour Keeley will have you on the right track after just one lesson and some new walking tools! She’s schooled in dealing with and sorting out complex issues in the home also. So if it’s walking, bad manners or a major issue Keeley will have a strategy just for you.

I often attend the group classes with my assistance dog in training for the socialisation factor and see Keeley professionally and effectively deal with many issues listed above. Keeley is a breath of fresh air as she is deeply passionate and really cares about the dogs, owners and achieving results. 

I come across a multitude of dogs and owners when out in public with my assistance dog and every excuse under the sun as to why it’s ok for their dog to bark, lunge or attack my working dog. Commonly it being a rescue, untrainable, or it’s just a little dog if this is you! Go see Keeley she is amazinggggg, no dog is untrainable you just need to find a skilled and passionate trainer like Keeley.
– Tegan with Poppy